ORCAA Board approves agency budget for FY2024

Image showing office building, with business name, Olympic Region Clean Air Agency, on the side wall.

During the June 14, 2023, meeting of the ORCAA Board of Directors, the Board approved the agency budget for Fiscal Year 2024 (FY2024). The new fiscal year runs July 1, 2023, through June 30, 2024.

The board voted on the budget after closing a 30+ day public comment period, and a public hearing held during the June meeting. No public comments were received on the draft budget proposal.

This board-approved budget sets aside funds for building maintenance and repairs – the agency paid off its building mortgage in December, 2022 – as well as ongoing agency programs. The budget also includes dispersal of funds from a federal grant for updates and improvements at ORCAA’s remote Cheeka Peak Observatory (CPO) monitoring site.

State law requires ORCAA and other local clean air agencies adopt budgets annually. This yearly budget process provides the board of directors a chance to focus on the agency’s performance each year, helping to ensure good fiscal responsibility and oversight as the agency pursues its mission. More details about the budget, and what the agency worked on last year, and plans to address in the coming year may be found in Agency Update & Financial Summary report.

ORCAA Executive Director, Jeff Johnston, notes, “the agency budget for the next fiscal year continues to make important investments in the agency, enabling us to continue our important work in our six county jurisdiction.”

Annual Budgets – ORCAA


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