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Air Quality

Air Monitoring Program

ORCAA works cooperatively with the Washington State Department of Ecology (Ecology) and the regional United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to measure criteria ambient air pollutants, meteorological parameters, and other air-related data. ORCAA is a member of the Washington Air Monitoring Work Group, which includes representatives of Ecology and the Washington State Local Air Pollution Control Agencies.

This committee makes recommendations to Washington Air Quality Managers Group regarding air monitoring programs, including ambient air monitoring site locations. Ecology provides support for the air monitoring that ORCAA conducts. ORCAA currently operates and maintains air monitoring equipment for measurement of three of the six criteria pollutants: particulate matter (PM2.5), ozone (O3), and carbon monoxide (CO).

ORCAA and Ecology operate and maintain meteorological sensors (wind speed, wind direction, temperature, and relative humidity) and nephelometers (a device that continuously measures fine particulates and visibility).

Current Air Quality

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Moderate51 – 100
Good0 – 50
Good0 – 50
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See Current Air Quality Map for our Region

Air Quality Monitoring app

Personal Air Quality Monitoring Devices

Over the last few years, low-cost particle sensors have become publicly available. With proper guidance, these sensors are easy to install and can provide reasonably accurate air quality data.  As sensors gain popularity in our region, ORCAA will provide support on proper installation and maintenance of your sensor and understanding the data.