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Partnerships & Agreements

Contracts and Interagency Agreements

ORCAA works closely with local, state, and federal agencies. Frequently, that work includes formal agreements and/or contracts to facilitate smooth transactions and business coordination.

Listed below are many of the agreements ORCAA has in place with other agencies, especially the grants with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Washington Department of Ecology (ECY):

EPA: Cheeka Peak Observatory Air Quality Monitoring Site grant

This grant provides funding from EPA to allow ORCAA to operate and maintain a National Core Air Monitoring Station at the Cheeka Peak Observatory (CPO) near Neah Bay. The CPO facility includes monitors for CO, NO/NOy, O3, SO2, PM2.5, and meteorologic parameters.

Grant Documents (pdf)

Interagency Agreement with ECY for technical support of Air Quality Monitoring equipment and processes at CPO

Interagency Agreement Document (pdf)

ECY: Air Quality CORE Grant

This grant provides funding for the implementation of a comprehensive air quality control program to protect and enhance air quality within our jurisdiction and to meet the goals of the State and Federal Clean Air Act.

Grant Documents (pdf)

ECY: Air Quality PM2.5 Monitoring Grant

This grant provides funding to ORCAA for the operation of particulate matter less than 2.5 microns in diameter (PM2.5), air monitoring site(s) that are part of the Washington State and Local Air Monitoring network.

Grant Documents (pdf)

Wood Smoke Reduction Grant

This grant allows ORCAA to manage a program to reduce Wood Smoke by providing financial incentives for residents to remove old, dirty-burning wood stoves and fireplace inserts with cleaner heating options.  Additional program details may be found here.

Grant documents (pdf)

Wood Smoke Education Grant

This grant allows for the implementation of a comprehensive Woodstove Public Education and Enforcement Program to protect and enhance the air quality in coordination with the State and Federal Clean Air Acts.

Grant Documents (pdf)

Air Quality Monitoring Partnerships

NW-AIRQUEST | Laboratory for Atmospheric Research | Washington State University (wsu.edu)

NW-AIRQUEST seeks to develop, maintain, and enhance a sound scientific basis for air quality management decision-making in the Pacific Western Region of North America (encompassing the states of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, and Alaska in the United States, and the provinces of British Columbia and Alberta in Canada.)

The Northwest Regional Modeling Consortium

The Northwest Consortium began in the early 1990s when a group of agencies recognized the lack of upper air data over the Puget Sound basin.  By pooling funds, five agencies could purchase a Radian 915 Mhz profiler in 1992.  By the mid-1990s, research at the University of Washington and elsewhere suggested that high-resolution mesoscale weather prediction models could be run on workstations and that the results for Northwest weather features were quite promising. 

Small Works Roster

ORCAA uses the Municipal Research and Services Center (MRSC) for small contracts and projects valued less than $300,000. The MRSC maintains a Small Works Roster – a pool of contractors potentially interested in contracts with affiliated agencies such as ORCAA.

To be considered for contracts with ORCAA, contractors must be listed on the roster. To be added to the Small Works Roster, visit the MRSC website.

In general, Small Works Roster projects require:

  • Prevailing wages be paid and documented in compliance with RCW 39.12.
  • A performance bond is executed in compliance with RCW 39.08 before beginning work.
  • The contractor holds a Washington State Contractors License.
  • Contract must submit a certificate of insurance naming ORCAA as additional insured party prior to beginning work.
  • Contractor must have a valid business license.
  • Contractor must provide a completed IRS Form W-9.