Thurston and Clallam Counties lift bans on Recreational Fires

From the Thurston County Fire Marshal:

The Thurston County Fire Marshal, in consultation with the interim county manager, and in alignment with Washington State Department of Natural Resources, has determined current weather conditions within the county are now amenable to allow for recreational fires in Thurston County. 

Campfires, recreational fires, and charcoal briquettes are now allowed if used on, or surrounded by, non-combustible surfaces like concrete or a fire ring. Cooking stoves, barbeques, and recreational fire pits fueled by propane or gas with a shutoff valve are also authorized. 

The Fire Safety Burn Ban continues to apply to residential yard waste burning and all land clearing burns. The restrictions on outdoor burning during the summer have resulted in a significant drop in brush fires and property damage each of the past several years, according to fire officials. The Fire Safety Burn Ban remains in effect through September 30, 2023. 

From the Clallam County Fire Marshal:
The county-wide fire safety burn ban has been modified to permit campfires in established fire rings on private property and in campgrounds. The fire danger in general for Clallam County remains high, and people should be extremely careful. 

This decision was made based on recommendations of the local fire districts as weather conditions have slightly eased the fire danger in Western Washington. The burn ban will remain in effect until further notice. 

The Clallam County Fire Marshal’s office works closely with local fire districts and local fire departments, and strongly urges all county residents and property owners to be attentive to the condition of their properties through proactive fire prevention measures. 


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