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Amendment to Asbestos Project Form

When Amendments need to be made

You are required to notify ORCAA if the following information changes:

The Original Applicant must file the Amendment Notices. Use this form to notify Olympic Region Clean Air Agency (ORCAA) of any changes to the original asbestos notification.

  1. Contractor contact information.
  2. Project Start or Completion Dates.
    1. The original notification will expire at 11:59 pm on the last Completion Date of record for the project.
    2. Submit amendments prior to 4:30 pm on the last Completion Date of record. Amendments after that time are invalid.
    3. If the notification expires and the project is not complete, you must submit and pay for another notification.
    4. Under no circumstances will a project be extended beyond 1 year from the original submission date.
  3. If the project goes “on hold” or “off hold.”
    Note: If the project will be on hold past the Completion date, the new completion date must be updated.
  4. Work shift days or hours.
  5. The additional amount of asbestos that was identified and abated. If the job category changes, the appropriate non-refundable fee must also be included.