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Be a Good Neighbor: Dispose of your Christmas tree in a clean, safe manner

Wrapping up the holiday season means taking down the tree and decorati0ns. We can’t help you with the lights and ornaments, but when it comes time to dispose of your tree, we’ve got some help for you. Or rather, some good information on how to get rid of the tree cleanly.

City and county governments throughout the region have organized a host of resources to help you dispose of your Christmas tree this year. Please consider using one of the available professional services before burning your tree.

To find the best means of disposing of your tree, just enter your ZIP code in the search box on this page:

Bird Habitat

If you can’t get rid of your tree easily, put it to use for you. Anchor it in a corner of your property and place a bird feeder nearby. Songbirds will appreciate having a place to rest that provides cover from roaming cats, wind, and rain between meals at the feeder. You can also use the tree as a feeder itself.

Make a DIY Birdfeeder From An Old Christmas Tree

    • Take off all the tree decorations. (If you used home-strung popcorn strings as a tree decoration, you can leave that in place — the birds will love it.)
    • Find a location where you can enjoy all the action. Make sure the birds are safe from flying into windows.
    • Attach tree to a secure location (a fence or to another tree) using rope or bungee cords.
    • Redecorate the tree with safe and healthy bird food. Fat, protein, and carbohydrates are what birds need to survive cold winters. Foods like peanuts and birdseed also include vitamins and minerals, which can also produce healthier eggs and chicks.

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