Please practice safe, legal debris disposal

The heavy snow and freezing temperatures that hit our region over the past few weeks has created multiple challenges for individuals and communities, including waste disposal. With many roads and highways closed, waste haulers were forced to delay scheduled garbage and recycling pick ups.

While most waste disposal companies are allowing their customers to set out extra cans/bags of garbage and/or recycling materials for the next scheduled pick-up, some residents are opting instead to illegally burn that material. Under state law, it is illegal to burn trash, including  paper products, cardboard, and processed wood.  Trash burning may result in fines.

Burning of yard waste and natural storm debris is permitted in some parts of our jurisdiction, but permits may be required – permit information is available here. Before burning, ORCAA asks that homeowners verify that they are legally allowed to burn yard waste. Under state law, yard waste burning is illegal in cities and Urban Growth Areas (UGAs) throughout Washington. For those who can legally burn, ORCAA asks that they simply pile their yard debris in a safe location on their property to let the woody material ‘cure’ (i.e., letting the insides of the wood dry out). If immediate disposal is required, residents should use one of the currently available alternative means of disposal. Curbside pick-up services are available in many areas. Chipping and composting services can also be used.

You can find more details on alternatives as well as how to check your local burning requirements and legalities here. Additional information on disposal option can be found by calling your local waste disposal company.



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