ORCAA issues Conditional Approval as Final Determination on McKinley Paper’s NOC Permit

McKinley Paper’s proposal to modify its recycled paper mill in Port Angeles triggered review and approval of a Notice of Construction (NOC) air permit through ORCAA. A public comment period on the proposal, culminating in a public hearing on August 1, 2019, allowed public input into the process.

ORCAA’s Executive Director, Fran McNair, acted as the Hearings Officer for this case. After considered ORCAA staff recommendations and all public comments, the Hearings Officer made a final determination is to approve McKinley’s NOC application subject to specific Conditions of Approval. The Approval Order for this case and ORCAA’s responses to comments linked below along with ORCAA’s Final Determination.

Conditional approval to modify the existing paper machines and recycle pulp plant (“Approved Modification”) at 1902 Marine Drive in Port Angeles (“Approved Location”) for operation solely as described in the associated Notice of Construction (“NOC”) application No. 19NOC1327, is hereby GRANTED to the McKinley Paper Co. (“Permittee”), subject to the Conditions of Approval listed below.

Anyone wishing to object to ORCAA’s Approval Order may file an appeal with the Washington Pollution Control Hearings Board (PCHB) – see link below for the PCHB. Appeals must be filed within thirty (30) days of receipt of this notice to the PCHB and a copy served to ORCAA in accordance with Chapter 371-08 of the Washington Administrative Code (WAC). Filing of an appeal does not stay (stop) the effectiveness of the Approval Orders.

Questions regarding ORCAA’s Final Determination on this case should be directed to Mark Goodin at (360) 539-7610 extension 108.


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