Community Cares: Thanks for keeping air clear during tense times!

Thank you!

Earlier in March, in response to the growing health concerns associated with the Covid-19 pandemic, ORCAA requested a voluntary reduction in outdoor burning. This requested included both residential yard-waste burning and commercial land-clearing burning throughout its six-county jurisdiction.

In a show of clear concern for their communities, our residents stepped up. As a result, our air quality has remained clear and healthy. Thank You!

The Covid-19 global pandemic has greatly impacted everyone’s lives, with most U.S. Citizens staying home to reduce community spread of the disease. But that means smoke from residential and land clearing burn near neighborhoods will impact even more people. After ORCAA asked folks to refrain from firing up their yard waste and land-clearing slash piles, the amount of burning decreased.

The request for voluntary reductions in burning will remain in effect until the need for ‘social distancing’ relaxes.

Residents may make use of alternatives to burning, including curbside pickup services offered by their trash pick-up providers. Compost piles can turn yard waste into valuable soil additives for yard and garden. And chipping can create good ground-cover materials.

You may find alternatives to Outdoor Burn here.


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