Burn Ban: Jefferson County Burn Restrictions start July 1, 2020

By order of the Jefferson County Board of Commissioners, new fire-safety Burn Restrictions for Jefferson County take effect July 1, 2020, and run through September 30, 2020. The burning ban may be extended beyond September 30 or lifted prior to September 30, based upon consultation between the Fire Marshal, County Fire Chiefs, and in consideration of the current atmospheric and field conditions.

The Burn Restriction applies to all outdoor burning except recreational fires used for pleasure, religious, ceremonial, warmth, cooking, or similar purposes. Recreational fires are permitted unless further banned by extreme weather conditions.

Note: Recreational fires are limited to 3-feet in diameter and 2-feet in height.  Fires for debris disposal are not legal under any circumstances and are not considered recreational.

Should the DNR issue guidance banning recreational fires on all state lands level, Jefferson County will follow suit banning all open burning including recreational fires until atmospheric and field conditions lower.



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